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Mountain Biking means big business for South Wales and Cognation mtb trails South Wales is all about investing in mountain biking. Our main objective is to develop South Wales into the best mountain bike destination in the UK.

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The Future of Cognation

Cognation Ltd is now registered as a company limited by guarantee.  This means we can now move forward and work with the local businesses and the mountain bike community to generate income.  As part of the Cognation brand we have incorporated the ‘Bike, Give, Sustain’ tag line into the logo.  Wherever and whenever you see this logo (below) you can be assured that all monies collected will go back into the trails and support other activities surrounding the mountain bike product in South Wales.







To date the following businesses have signed up to be part of Bike Give Sustain in the Afan Valley:

Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre

A large donation box is situated in the visitor centre.  Monies are collected on a quarterly basis.

Afan Valley Bike Shed

Afan Valley Bike Shed have a counter top donation box where customers can donate their spare change.  Ben has also kindly agreed to donate 50p for every inner tube sold to Bike Give Sustain and has a notice board displayed outside the shop where you can sell bikes/bike parts and make a donation.

Bryn Bettws Lodge

Bryn Bettws Lodge have a large donation box situated within the entrance of the main building, and also a smaller donation box which you will find on the counter of the outdoor eating area.

Lodge Cycles

Lodge Cycles have a counter top donation box for your spare change.

Skyline Cafe / Skyline Cycles

The cafe has a large donation box with monies collected on a quarterly basis.  Skyline Cycles have a counter top box for your spare change.

If you would like to get involved with Cognation Ltd and Bike Give Sustain please get in touch with Louise King on 01639 686068 or email The best form of income generation can be identified for you and your business.

We look forward to working with you to make mountain biking in South Wales future proof!


Your Business and Cognation mtb Trails South Wales

To attract even more visitors to South Wales to experience the trails we want to work with you to ensure visitors have a great stay and want to return. We also want to encourage visitors spread the word about their experience!

So how can we help your business?

  • Cognation mtb Trails South Wales is now a registered trade mark and cannot be used without permission. With this is mind we’ve put together a package of material for you to use. The pack includes posters, stickers and logos which can be used on your website.
  • Production of Cognation mtb Trails South Wales marketing literature, keeping you up to date with development and which can be passed onto your visitors or customers.
  • Supply us with any promotional leaflets and we can display these at any trade shows or events we attend.

All Wales Mountain Biking Brochure – Produced by the Cycling Centres of Excellence to inform tourism businesses across Wales on the benefits ways to attract mountain bikers.

If you have any questions regarding the use of any of the marketing material mentioned above please contact