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BikePark Wales….it’s beginning!

Posted: 14 January 2013

We’ve been raving about building a new bike park in Gethin Woods, Merthyr Tydfil for the last two years. Cognation was born in 2011, and since then the cogs have been in motion to make a commercial bike park a reality.

Numerous months were spent selecting the private company to work on the project – BikePark Wales; further time was spent adhering to planning regulations but we can now officially announce that work on Gethin will commence next month.

BikePark Wales will start building a bike park that can be used by riders of all abilities offering a range of different graded trails. BikePark Wales will open in autumn 2013 with 10 trails, but this number will increase as the development expands over the coming years.

The image below shows the trail plan for the next 5 years.

Gethin Woods, part of Bike Park Wales construction of mountain bike downhill mtb in south wales

An uplift facility (adapted military trucks) will be provided at the bike park to carry riders and their bikes to the top of the hill. This will allow riders to do up to 15 downhill runs in one day!

Anna Walters of BikePark Wales explained:

“We are aiming to do things a little differently at BikePark Wales. Most of the other facilities in the UK that currently offer uplift only cater to the elite downhill market, of course we will also have great trails for these guys but we want your average trail rider to be able to enjoy the benefits nbso online casino reviews of uplift accessed riding too. We will have a myriad of all mountain, trail, XC and freeride trails that can all be accessed from the uplift meaning more people can enjoy the benefits of uplifted riding.”

In short it’s a bike park that can ridden and enjoyed on a XC bike and it doesn’t matter about your ability, it will cater for all.

BikePark Wales will also have a full time team working on trail maintenance which will ensure the trails are kept in top notch condition. It will also mean that the trails will be constantly changing with additional new sections of trail to enjoy.

Visitor facilities, a café and bike shop will all be on site – architects impression below.

We are extremely pleased to make this announcement as so many of you having been asking us about it over the last two years! And guess what? There’s load more to come……I’ll finish on one welsh word ‘Penhydd’.