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Brilliant Brechfa – News

Posted: 21 June 2013

As you will have noticed if you follow Cognation on our blog, Facebook or Twitter you will have heard a lot of talk about the developments going on with the mountain biking trails at Afan, Gethin (BikePark Wales) and Cwmcarn. There is however another MTB trail centre in South Wales where things are quietly happening, one that is gaining more and more die-hard fans as it just keeps getting better and better… we are of course talking about Brechfa!

In that magical place known as Carmarthenshire you can find Cognation’s most westerly mountain biking trail. Brechfa offer’s smooth, sweeping singletrack that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere but is in fact only 20 minutes from the motorway.

So what’s new?

If you’ve ridden Brechfa before you know the score with the lovely trails but you may not be familiar with the latest news and info on this trail so this blog will bring you up to speed.

In the Top 50!

Brechfa was recently included in MBUK magazine’s top 50 trail centres in the UK! This is effectively a bible of all the best places to go mountain biking in Britain and it gives you all the essential info whether you’re a beginner or seasoned rider. The guide features all the other Cognation trails and even Bike Park Wales (Gethin Woods) too which is nice considering it’s not open yet!

Even more amazing is that according to MBUK it is one of only 8 trail centre in the UK that scores 3/3 for beginner, intermediate and advanced trails… You could argue this makes Brechfa one of the top trail centres overall.

brechfa in the top 50 mountain biking trail centres in the uk
Top marks all round for the trails at Brechfa something only a few other UK MTB trail centres achieved. Click to see a bigger picture.

Order a back copy via:

Hungry? Visit ‘The Shed’

Cognation loves that the mountain biking trails we’re involved with are helping new businesses to appear and grow. We like them even more when they offer cake! The Shed is a new cafe at Brechfa that appeared back in April. If their Facebook Page is anything to go by, people are loving the food. Ride and then stuff your face to replace vital lost calories!

Screenshot of the shed cafe at brechfa's facebook page

Bike Hire:

If you want to hire a bike when you get to Brechfa you’ll need to visit the nice people at MudTrek as it’s now the only place in the immediate area that offers this service. Hiring a bike is a great way to get the most from your mountain biking experience if you don’t go very often or your bike is a bit naff. A good bike will give you more confidence and let you get more out of your experience.

MudTrek’s base is just a few miles from the start of the Brechfa trails they may even be able to meet you there and will gladly give you a few tips on where to ride for your ability.

Contact them/find them at:

c/o Blaen Nant Gwyn
Llanllwni Mountain
SA39 9EH

Tel: 01267 202423 / 07590 923604

Thinking of going for the first time?

Read a recent Brechfa ride report from a beginner mountain biker