Rain, rain go away – Forget about Summer, now’s the time you should be mountain biking in South Wales!

Posted: 19 October 2012

Alas poor Summer, we waited for you so for so long, and before we knew it, you were gone. Yes it’s that time of year again, Old Ladies are moaning about Britain not having a summer “A-GAIN!” and feeling things in places we’d rather not even think about. Even the gutter press have managed to […]

Why walk when you can MTB!? Welsh outdoor activity survey agrees…

Posted: 24 August 2012

For many people reading this we are already preaching to the converted but it seems that in Wales there are now more of us getting on our bikes rather than walking. essay writing service reviews In a Countryside Council for Wales Survey that has just been published, walking has been shown to still be the […]

What’s the best drink in the world?

Posted: 16 August 2012

Paul Jones is one Cognation’s guest bloggers and in this post he takes us on a post-ride pub and cafe tour of South Wales – For Mountain Bikers of course !   I’m not talking about some isotonic, nutritionally balanced, sports concoction that tastes like liquid parma violets and has a name vaguely reminiscent of an Decepticon […]

Getting behind the Olympic Mountain Biking Team!

Posted: 30 July 2012

As Olympics fever sweeps the nation we felt it was time Cognation and South Wales Mountain Biking got behind the Olympic Mountain Biking team 100%. To help you we’ve scoured the Internet for the info you need on the riders, the course and when you can watch the races. The riders The Olympic Mountain bikers aren’t from […]

The Renovated Visitor Centre in Afan Forest Park (for those who haven’t visited yet!)

Posted: 17 July 2012

Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre has been modernised with a transformed café with folding glass doors overlooking the valley leading out onto a covered terrace. The foyer has been redesigned as a more open and inviting space giving visitors a warmer welcome, better access to the South Wales Miners’ Museum and new toilet facilities. The […]

It was MAYHEM….!

Posted: 27 June 2012

As our small but fully packed Peugeot van approached the grounds of Eastnor Castle, we wondered whether the 24 hour mountain bike endurance event would still be going ahead. The weather was bad (it had been bad the previous week too). Bad can quite easily be defined as constant rainfall. But bad weather was not […]