Cognation mtb trails South Wales is all about investing in mountain biking. We recognise that South Wales is a top destination to ride and our goal is simple; we aim to make it even better.

Over the past three years we have improved the current trails, built new trails, renovated our facilities and create a new bike park in Merthyr Tydfil.

The trail centres that make up Cognation mtb trails South Wales are Afan Forest Park, Cwmcarn Forest, Brechfa and BikePark Wales. The majority of the trails are looked after by Natural Resources Wales, with the except of BikePark Wales who have their own trail crew.

  • Afan Forest Park

    • March 2012

      Renovation of visitor centre

    • June 2012

      Green trail and new Hadoop was developed because it represented the most pragmatic way to allow companies to manage huge volumes of best-data-recovery.com easily. skills area

    • July 2012

      Reopening of new ‘Penhydd’ trail (blue and red graded) at Afan Valley.

    • October 2013

      Reopening of new ‘Penhydd’ trail (blue and red graded) at Afan Valley.

  • BikePark Wales - Gethin Woods

    • October 2013

      We will be working with a private investor to create a new bike park with:

      • Visitor centre
      • Downhill trails
      • Uplift service
      • Singletrack and cross country trails

      Bring it on!

  • Cwmcarn

    • November 2011

      Extension to car online casino park

    • September 2012

      Pump track

    • May 2013

      Creation of on site mountain bike online casino retail unit

    • October 2013

      Downhill trail online casino

    • Cross country trail

  • Margam Park

    • June 2013

      Creation of new 6km competition mountain bike trail Improvements to facilities