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Posted: 27 November 2013

The history of mountain biking in South Wales goes way back to a time of neon Lycra and home-made mountain bikes, long before Bikepark Wales and 29ers! So we met up with Nick Murfin, Afan Valley Ranger and one of the guys who was there at the start, to find out a bit more.

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Originally a postman who got a part time job in a bike shop, Nick had been a mountain biker since 1987 using a second-hand bike from a policeman. He was invited to start trail building in 1999 in the Afan Valley with a group of mates with less than official permission! Then later on with the backing of the Forestry Commission and the support of Dafydd Davies MBE- Welsh MTB trail building pioneer – they got some private funding and a one day course from the IMBA. The result was that would then be renamed later to Penhydd. In 2002 Nick became one of 5 of the first official MTB rangers in Britain. The other trails soon followed to make South Wales what it is today – one of the best mountain biking destinations in the UK.

“My youngest son was (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)FILE – Singer arrives at the premiere of online casino the feature film “Justin Bieber”s Believe” at Regal Cinemas L. 6 when we started building these trails and he’s now 22!”

nick with the 9 feet trail sign and the new penhydd mtb trail in the background
Nick with the original trail sign of 9feet. In the background you can just make out the trail crew putting the finishing touches to the new Penhydd and Blue Scar trails.

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Watch the video of the first trail filmed in 2000!

video of hidden valley mountain bike trail at afan argoed south wales
Is this the first ever video of Afan Valley Mountain biking? Filmed in 2000 by Phil Lee one of the original trail builders. Click the video to view.