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Time for a whine! Why aren’t mountain bikers taking their litter home at Afan Bike Park?!

Posted: 17 May 2013

This year Cognation built and launched the now much applauded AfanBikePark, we know you’re loving riding it because we’ve seen the grins on your faces! But unfortunately we’ve got a problem, that can be fixed easily with your help! LITTER!

Put simply, there is too much litter being left in the Bike Park; empty lucozade bottles, mars bar wrappers and energy gel wraps!

Why aren’t we just putting up “Take your rubbish home” signs and providing bins? Well if we provide bins we have to pay to get them emptied on a regular basis and this will cost money.  And to put it simply again, we want to use our money to build more trails not empty bins (and we know you agree with us on this!)

We spoke to Natural Resources Wales (formerly Forestry Commission Wales) and Keep Wales Tidy and here’s their stance on it:

“This facility has been put in place for the enjoyment of everyone so please keep it tidy. The location and the fire risk associated with bins means that the ideal solution is just online casino for everyone to take their litter home.” – Dave Williams from NRW

“By their very nature bins on cycle tracks are difficult to maintain and undertake enforcement activities. By far the best solution is for users to take their own litter home with them, it is lighter on the way back, easier to carry and can be recycled or disposed with at home.” – Kathryn Britton, Keep Wales Tidy

We know this is just a few individuals making the place look untidy and they might not see this blog post so if you see someone leaving litter please pick it up for them or tell them to take it home.  This would be a great help to us and we can get on with building more trails instead of dealing with complaints!

Cheers guys and girls, we appreciate your help and support!!